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Catalogue - magic. Green Frog. Magician's Handbook ... catalogue of "Green Frog" magical conjuring stage and pocket tricks. n.p. [Sydney?] 1939. Single sheet folded to form four pages largish octavo by size, outer pages with red and green illustrations, inside printed in black. Au$35

A flyer to promote Green Frog tricks and their catalogue, a sample page inside and some hints and tips. Naturally this is better printed on better paper than the actual catalogue.

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Superhero comic. Bulb Magic! NY, Custom Comics for the Associated Bulb Growers of Holland [1956]. 19x13cm publisher's colour illustrated wrapper; 16pp; comic strip in colour. Au$30

Forget Captain America and Superman. What did they ever do for the American suburb? We lose little time in exposition: on page one Tom and Bob meet on the homeward bound 5.04 and Bob is flummoxed to find Tom has sold his house at asking price while he, Bob, hasn't had a nibble for his, the same model. Not entirely the same, Tom explains, his bulb plantings "sure did increase the value!" So we learn how bulbs produced a colorful miracle for Tom and can do the same for us. Did Batman ever increase your property value? Worldcat finds two copies but one of those can't be verified.

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